Atlanta Film Sites Tour

Atlanta Film Sites Tour Экскурсии Атланта

Three-hour journeys start from the merch shop of Atlanta Movie Tours, an ever-present meeting point for the tour guests. Then, riding on a luxurious couch, you will see where the action of “The Blind Side” took place, where Tyler Perry began his career with “Good Deeds”, the famous chop from “Driving Miss Daisy” and so on. Focus on sport with locations from “Trouble with the Curve” or join the Dudes Group! This journey promises to be intense.

Every Film Sites Tour may be a little bit different from the previous one as new locations are usually added and updates are done in order to be current. If you happen to have an interest in specific locations from a particular movie or a TV show, let the company know at the time of your booking. Every tour is accompanied by an insider guide, a person who actually worked on a set from the tour and can share “behind-the-scenes” filming experience like no one else.

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