Belleek Porcelain from the Collection of Linda N. Beard

Belleek Porcelain from the Collection of Linda N. Beard Выставки Атланта

Belleek Pottery is a Northern Ireland porcelain company founded in the end of the nineteenth century. Their porcelain is characterized by extreme thinness, the iridescence of the surface, and the use of the frit. Frit is a special composition used to make glass or other materials.

Northern Ireland, extremely poor at the time, seemed like an unlikely site for a world-class porcelain manufacture. However, its porcelain became know for an exceptional uniqueness of the surface, which often surpassed even that of the greatest European houses. This factory was opened as the response to an economic crisis: John Bloomfield inherited his father’s land and founded the factory as a way to help his tenants earn money. This was at the time of the Great Potato Famine.

Georgia Museum of Art offers you a chance to have a look at some of the masterpieces from the famous factory.

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