Big Zombie Tour 3

Big Zombie Tour 3 Экскурсии Атланта

The meeting point for Big Zombie Part 3 is Haralson, a small county which is 1 hour away from the South of Atlanta. There you will enjoy three full hours with experienced guides who actually are real insiders of the show and performed on set. Their knowledge on filming, acting and behind-the-scenes details is unparalleled, so don’t hesitate to ask questions.

The filming locations of this tour include the famous Esco Field Mill, the dumpster where Nicholas faced his unfortunate fate, Glenn’s Bob-e-Que and six other places from the show’s latest seasons. This comes together with exciting, blood-curdling stories and amazing group pictures that will be emailed to you after.

The company offers an additional service of bus transportation from Atlanta to Haralson for additional $30 which are not included in the tour’s price. In case you can’t or don’t want to get there yourself, come up to Atlanta’s headquarters and enjoy a full day of the zombie apocalypse in the unforgettable company.

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