Down the Fairway with Bobby Jones

Down the Fairway with Bobby Jones Выставки Атланта

Bobby Jones was one of the biggest stars in the twenties and the thirties of the last century. He kept winning one major tournament after another, thirteen, all in all. Those who knew him said that his personal qualities were just as attractive, if not more, than his behavior and success on the golf court.

The exhibition at the Atlanta History Center is the biggest one dedicated to Jones. Photographs and personal affects included in the exhibition allow painting a clear picture of the kind of man Jones was. The exhibition depicts not only his personal records, his relationship with family and contemporaries, but also his dedication to the game.

Another focus of the exhibition is golf itself; its early history and the importance it slowly gained in the lives of Americans. The golf was only beginning to shape into a billion dollar industry it is today. You can see the old medals, uniforms, and the balls players used back the. These and many other details help create the image of the game as it was.

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