Eddie’s Attic Open Mic

Eddie's Attic Open Mic Концерты Атланта

Both local and national songwriters or bands have got 10 minutes to amaze the listeners. Two original compositions are performed by every participant in front of the judges who choose the best acts. The three favorites are invited back to perform once again, and the ultimate winner is selected at the end of the night.

You can either participate and showcase your songwriting, performing, and playing skills or be the part of the audience and check out what Atlanta’s aspiring artists have to offer. The response of the audience will also be a judging criterion, so you can influence the result, choose your favorite or, perhaps, support your friends or relatives who dare to go on stage.

If you think that you have a chance to become tomorrow’s musical star or just want to enjoy some time on stage, make sure to sign up in time and get acquainted with general rules or details (registration fee, the allowed equipment, the number of possible musicians for one act, etc.). If you want to be on the other side of the stage, you are welcome to purchase a ticket and spend your Monday night with live music, delicious food and drinks.

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