Electric Car Tour of Atlanta

Electric Car Tour of Atlanta Экскурсии Атланта

Hop and see for yourself everything that is great about Atlanta. This electric car tour will help you discover the best landmarks of the city. Check out Inman Park, the first planned neighborhood in Atlanta. It was supposed to be a green oasis connected to the city transport-wise but far away on a different level.

Beltline Park is another important Atlanta site: it used to be a railway but was later transformed into a huge green zone, a series of parks and recreation zones linked together. Centennial Olympic Park is a great space for a weekend picnic, sports events, and friendly gatherings. This tour allows you to get a quick measure of the place.

You will also see the Fourth Wall, the place where the Civil Right Movement started, Midtown Atlanta and the campus of the Georgia Institute of Technology. You can also ask any in-depth questions you can imagine: this tour wants to give you a better understanding of Atlanta, its culture, its roots and everything that makes it the city it is.

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