Gatheround: Stories of Atlanta

Gatheround: Stories of Atlanta Выставки Атланта

Besides special exhibitions covering this or that aspect of the local history, the one is necessary which would offer a common look at all the social processes and personalities that shaped this history in general. An upcoming exhibition is one of that kind, hence it is naturally supposed to be permanent and one of the basic ones at the Atlanta History Center.

This exhibition is to interpret the local history through its social components first and foremost. Its spaces, ephemera and other artifacts supported by technical means like recording booths, immersive experiences, and interactive media create a panoramic picture of Atlantan society in its changes through epochs. The exhibition gives the idea of how the area was determined politically and what persons had decisive impacts on it. Culture, Policy, Community, and Family are portrayed as the main components of which history consists.

The visitors are invited to apply the knowledge the exhibition gives to their idea of Atlanta’s future.

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