Governor’s Mansion Tour

Governor's Mansion Tour Экскурсии Атланта

The offered tour is a mix of a guided and independent experience. Every room is supervised by docents who can tell you many interesting things about the presented collection. However, if you wish to go from one room to the other at your own pace with no guidance whatsoever, you are free to do so. But several docents have worked in the Mansion under several Governors, and be sure that they’ve got lots of stories to tell.

The tours are conducted three times a week. There is no charge, but there is recommended to arrive earlier (11 pm is a deadline) if you want to finish the tour before the Mansion closes for public.

Groups of more than 10 guests require prior reservations. And you’d better make sure to leave backpacks or oversized bags at home, as they are not allowed to be brought in.

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