Hunger Games: Victory Tour

Hunger Games: Victory Tour Экскурсии Атланта

Georgia can boast more than seven hundred films and twenty TV shows shot on its locations since 1972, making the Gate City and the whole state a notable player in the industry and the significant contributor to the American and global cinema. This also provides a new angle to look at the city, discovering (or rediscovering, in the case with the residents) it as a movie star of its own.

In 2012, Atlanta Movie Tours began habituating Atlanta residents and tourists with the cinematic side of their city. The company coaches drive visitors between the movie-related locations, with movie clips demonstrated along the way. All tours are run by actors who took part in the shooting of the respective movies and share behind-the-scene-stories.

One of the tours is dedicated to Hunger Games. The world of characters opens up over the course of three hours. The journey begins in Castleberry Hill and takes the visitors to the real-life sites of the movie.

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