Jekyll Brewing Tour

Jekyll Brewing Tour Экскурсии Атланта

Stop by Jekyll Brewing Company for a tour of their facilities. If you love beer, this will be an exciting journey. Technology geeks will find this worth their attention as well. You will see how and where your favorite drink is made, all the tricks that help create the taste that you know and love.

The tour package includes a few beer samples, but don’t count on a buffet, there is no food for sale in the brewery. You can bring your own snacks, though. Non-alcoholic drinks are also OK, so you can stock up on some water. The package doesn’t stop at beer in the house: you will be able to take home some souvenirs and a can of beer. You can choose the brew yourself. For the price they are asking, this is a bargain. After the tour, you can always linger, relax and get to know the brews.

Jekyll Brewing is all for family outings: bring your kids with you. In case if, when reading this, you are not thirteen yet, bring your parents: they won’t let you in otherwise.

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