Jim Henson Collection Tour

Jim Henson Collection Tour Экскурсии Атланта

Few TV artists in flesh and blood have left such a trace in the heart of global audiences as did the captivatingly funny puppet characters conceived and created by Jim Henson. His imagination gave life to a line of memorable creatures carving him his unique niche in the television entertainment history.

The Atlantan Center for Puppetry Arts, with its strive for global coverage of all worthy puppetry traditions, could not pass by Jim Henson’s heritage. A guided tour around the permanent interactive thematic exhibition, Jim Henson Collection, leads the visitors through the master’s world including his TV Studio and office along with characters and decorations from Muppet Show or Family Series, to name a few. The tour sheds light on how these worlds were conceived and created and how they live on.

The exhibition owes its existence to the donation of 70+ objects from Henson Family in 2007. An All-Inclusive option encloses a show and a Create-A-Puppet Workshop.

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