Mandarin Shutze: A Chinese Export Life

Mandarin Shutze: A Chinese Export Life Выставки Атланта

Swan House, the main building in the complex of Atlanta History Center, pays due respect to its creator, Philip Trammell Shutze, with keeping and displaying the treasury of its creator — a vast collection of items stunning in their diversity.

Shutze, one of the key figures in the XX century Atlantan architecture, is remembered for his projects of commercial and residential buildings. His collection started in 1940s with hunting for a blue and white Canton china dinner setting. By the time of his passing in 1982, it counted over 350 items: books, paintings, silver, porcelain, furniture, textile.

According to the owner’s will, the collection is now on display in the Swan House which Shutze considered his best work. The building is one of the most significant in the cultural life of the Georgian capital, both for its beauty and its function within the AHC. No matter how diverse in origin (Chinese ceramics to English chairs), all the artifacts satisfy the collector’s concept which combined study, care for history, taste and lifestyle.

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