Margaret Mitchell’s Gone With the Wind Tour

Margaret Mitchell’s Gone With the Wind Tour Экскурсии Атланта

Among the Atlanta historic persons, Margaret Mitchell stands out as probably the brightest Gate City representative literaturewise. If not the most gifted, then definitely the most sold-out, since Gone With the Wind has been at the top of respective American charts ever since the time of its release.

The Atlanta Movie Tours offer their own cinematic angle of view at Margaret Mitchell’s life, creativity, and death, for her literary masterpiece and bestseller has served as a plot for an equally memorable film. Guided by none other than Mrs. Mitchell herself (well OK, it might as well appear an impersonator), the tour embraces both her personal life and the historical background behind the events in the book, that is, pre- and post-Civil War. The tour characterized as “a Broadway play on wheels” takes participants to The Margaret Mitchell House (or, less officially, her beloved «Dump») demonstrating her first drafts, the typewriter, and Pulitzer Prize.

Vouchers for this tour also gain you entry to the Road To Tara Museum and the Gone With The Wind Museum in Marietta.

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