Molly Hatch: “Physic Garden”

Molly Hatch: “Physic Garden” Выставки Атланта

Molly Hatch is one of those artists who can always take you by surprise. She’s a ceramicist, and a fabulous artist, who creates living and breathing panneaus of ceramic plates, hand-painted beautifully to construct whole entire landscapes, flowers, and scenes. Impossible, amazing work, that has no equal in the world.

The exhibition is permanent, thanks to its astonishing dimensions — it’s 465 plates, mind! The entire panneau measures just over 20 feet high by 17 feet wide and is the largest made by Hatch. It takes up a whole wall, and is so meticulously planned, that each segment represents all the tiniest details of the leaves, grass and flowers, creating the picture that looks like a painting, and with each step taken towards it, breaks into separate pieces without losing its harmony and entirety.

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