Monday Night Brewery Tour

Monday Night Brewery Tour Экскурсии Атланта

Monday Night Brewing started off as a tiny Atlanta community that began making beer on weeknights just to get to know each other better. When the company happened to get along quite well, the tradition of weekday brewing grew up into something bigger than a simple hobby with more ambitious people showing up and contributing to the industry.

After almost 5 years of practicing and perfecting the taste of their beers, Monday Night Brewing is open to the visitors and successful on the market. Weekday tours that the brewery offers every week are a perfect opportunity to experience the range of beer flavors here.

In case you are still wondering, whether it’s worth leaving your work a little earlier, here are some more reasons in favor of the idea. You can actually go on a tour for free if it’s within one day of your birthday. The brewery policy also allows to bring dogs (leashed), babies (if it happened so, that leaving them at home is a problem) and your own non-alcoholic drinks. Last call is only 15 minutes before the closing time, so make sure you show up early.

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