Ned’s Tours: The Old Vic

Ned's Tours: The Old Vic Экскурсии Лондон

Take a stroll through Old Vic’s exciting past. Walk the same stairs as Laurence Olivier and Judi Dench, listen to stories about their time at Old Vic.

200 years of history mean there is no shortage of stories and you don’t have to guess or wonder. Stage manager Ned Seago will share his extensive knowledge of Old Vic with you: you will learn all the stories, all the little fascinating tidbits of information.

The guided tour lasts about an hour and a half. You will hear a lot about the building, its architecture, design and history, as well as the theatre itself: directors, actors, plays. This is your backstage pass to hundreds of Old Vic’s productions and the story of the theatre.

From Ian McKellen to Kevin Spacey, Old Vic has seen many incredible performers: find out who else came up on this stage. A fun adventure made extremely enjoyable by an experienced guide with a first-hand knowledge of the theatre and its goings-on.

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