Orpheus Brewing Tour

Orpheus Brewing Tour Экскурсии Атланта

Orpheus might seem a proper name for a music institution rather than for a brewery. Yet, the latter exists not far from the Beltline and Piedmont Park and bring surprises to the customers with its attitude which may appear extraordinary in the Southeast as well as elsewhere. Orpheus Brewing offers a wide lineup of beers enclosing sours, barrels, saisons, and hops, each created with the artisanal approach towards all the process. It can be easily traced by the very names of products like «Lyric Ale», «Atalanta», «Serpent Bite», «Transmigration of Souls», «Wandering Blues», «Life.Death.Life.Truth», «Peace. War. Truth. Lie», «The Rites», or «Sykophantes».

This wealth of creativity is generously shared with the visitors during the guided tours through Orpheus Brewing enclosing the production floor, with food trucks along the way. Sampling of seven beers and souvenir beer are included into the tour package along with a souvenir pint glass. At the brewery, they welcome non-aggressive dogs. A monthly comedy night is another attraction to the fun and mystery of beer brewing.

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