Red Hare Brewing Tour

Red Hare Brewing Tour Экскурсии Атланта

Red Hare independent microbrewery offers everyone a chance to see what they are made of. Quite literally, as they offer a tour of the facilities: you will see the process and taste a few different sorts of beer. The tour price includes not only tasting but also a souvenir glass.

When you’re in, just look for the guide. Tours run often enough, so as soon as you spot a guide you will be able to join. The brewery is kids friendly: if you take the youngsters with you, they will be served some root beer while the grown-ups get to taste a version that packs a little more punch. Actually, you donùt have to leave anyone behind, dogs are also welcome, but don’t forget to bring the leash.

You may want to bring some cash with you, mainly for the bartenders’ tips. For everything else credit cards are accepted.

Whether you’re just doing it for kicks or bringing the pen and notebook to write down your impressions, this microbrewery is happy to have you.

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