Shaping Traditions: Folk Arts in a Changing South

Shaping Traditions: Folk Arts in a Changing South Выставки Атланта

Southern culture is a rich mixture of many beliefs, trades, and personal stories. The exhibition allows you to take a closer look at how this culture was shaped. You can see here the many objects which tell the stories of their creators and other people involved in making them.

Baskets by Lucille Lossiah present a story of a craft that survived through tradition. Lucille learned the trade from her mother who in turn learned it from her mother. The baskets made by Lucille are on display in many museums.

Harriet Powers was an artist famous for her quilts. She was also a slave: her works tell her story and that of many other women like her. Harriet often used religious motives for the quilts, giving them a new interpretation.

Also on display in Shaping Traditions are works by many other artists who helped shape the past and the present of the South. Videos show the creative process and there are two special rooms where you can hear music and storytelling.

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