SweetWater Brewing Company Tour

SweetWater Brewing Company Tour Экскурсии Атланта

Tours and tastings here are quite a big deal. Only $10 will get you a twenty-minute tour around the brewery and beer tasting options. Occasionally the place also orders food trucks, but you’d better not count on them if you choose to come hungry. Note that dogs and other animal participants are allowed only on the outside patio.

These tours get busy and fill up quite quickly, and it’s better to come to the brewery earlier and make sure you’ll fit in the scheduled program. It’s up to you, if you want to see the sights or not, but the beer samples are served only at the precise hours, so the place gets crowded and allows to accommodate a certain number of people at a time.

If it happens so that a company of 15 buddies decides to go on tour together, the brewery offers a new VIP program. Private area, fast service, and even catering will be included in this package if your craft beer passion is shared by a big company. So if you are all set for a good tasting event, don’t forget your ID and head out to SweetWater!

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