TCM Classic Film Tour

TCM Classic Film Tour Экскурсии Нью-Йорк

TCM Classic Film Tour contains a selective list of sites and locations from your favorite movies. This tour will take you behind the curtains of most popular classical movies that were shot in the New York City. Over 60 remarkable places will reveal their secrets for the tourists. They are opened for exploration, making photos and videos.

You will touch the history of cinematography on your every step and benefit from outstanding sightseeing tour over Manhattan. The bus will make stops in neighborhoods and streets which have a rich NYC film history.

Landmarks include Empire State Building so appreciated by King Kong, Lincoln Center, Upper West Side famous with all “You’ve Got Mail” fans, the famous Dakota Building, home to Yoko Ono that can be seen in Rosemary’s Baby, and many more. Central Park is not an exception from the list. Lots of scenes have been shot in this remarkable place with a rich movie history. You can’t think of a better escape for all movies fans than TCM Classic Film Tour. It will help you to compare and contrast how Manhattan has been changing over the years.

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