The Holocaust Exhibition

The Holocaust Exhibition Выставки Лондон

The horrifying crime. The attempt to wipe the whole nation off the face of the earth. This scar will be forever left on the humanity, reminding about those terrible times and warning about the potential menace. To explore the horror which must never repeat visit The Holocaust Exhibition.

There are loads of books and movies trying to show what was really happening during the Nazi regime. For more than a decade European Jews were persecuted, tortured and murdered. Men and women, little children—no one had a chance to be safe. Nazis had no mercy, trying to annihilate every single Jew in the world.

The most touching aspect of the exhibition is its individual content, it’s telling people’s stories, displaying personal diaries, photographs, clothes and children’s toys. This might be a heartbreaking and shocking experience, but we must learn about that period of the history and pay respect to those who lived through that hell.

Not recommended for children under the age of 14.

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