Three Taverns Brewery Tour

Three Taverns Brewery Tour Экскурсии Атланта

Beers with friends after work is one of the favorite pastimes in many cultures. Beer brings us closer, gets us talking, helps forget a hard day at work. Beer seems like such a simple beverage, no fuss, no pretence. However, the sheer number of sorts is astounding. So how do you like your beer, same every time or something new?

Three Taverns Brewery offers everyone a chance to see how the beer is made, the creative process, the science and the technology behind it. The brewery tasting room called The Parlour is decorated in a vintage style: exposed brick, shining wood and lanterns with a fancy ironwork. It makes you think of the good old times and serves as a good starting point for the tour.

Three Taverns likes to keep their process artistic: finding the right chemical composition that will charm the palate and brighten the humor is a task that requires a bit of genius that is both wild and methodical. During this tour, you get to look into the details of this search for the perfect taste.

Each tour includes tastings up to 36oz. of beer from the taps [6oz. or 12oz. pours] and a souvenir glass. 21+ only, cash and cards accepted, no dogs inside (leashed and outside only). There’s no food available at the brewery, but you can bring your own food and non-alcoholic drinks with you.

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