“Tied Up At Home”: A Collaborative Exhibition

“Tied Up At Home”: A Collaborative Exhibition Выставки Атланта

Five artists work on the notions of the intimacy of place, especially of the house, and whatever it is that makes it into a home, unique to those living there. What mattered was the use of color, light and space, and those were the criteria used by William, in compiling this exhibition as well as in his own works.

William explores the abandoned houses, and each painting is specific in depicting both the environment and being a self-portrait of sorts. Megan’s installation is site-responsive, and her work starts searching for the space as well.

Wihro has recently received the «Best in Show» from Mint gallery, and works with dream-like spaces. The art of Stacie Rose is her exploration through travel, selected for this exhibition for the relationship between forms and humanity.

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