TMZ Celebrity Tour NYC

TMZ Celebrity Tour NYC Экскурсии Нью-Йорк

Have you ever dreamt of rubbing shoulders with the stars? TMZ Tour NYC will make your dream come true. You will chance it and mingle with your favorite celebs and TV idols in down-to-earth situations on the streets of New York. Showcasing over 60 different locations the tour includes visiting hotels, restaurants, shops and other spots where you can meet Charlie Sheen, the Kardashians family and many more.

Check out where Lindsay Lohan prefers eating out and what clubs are visited by Jessica Simpson. The attractions list includes notorious spots where Gerard Butler is busy with picking up charming ladies. And the next stop is Soho which is simply packed with celebrities and stars.

This 2.5-hour tour will take you behind the scene showing your favorite stars in their casual everyday life. TMZ Tour NYC features hilarious photos and videos. It will reveal lots of secrets that you have always been eager to know. Play games, have fun and get closer to the top of Hollywood Olympus!

To purchase tickets, please visit On Location Tours.

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