Wild Heaven Craft Beers Tour

Enjoy some of Atlanta’s best locally brewed beer at Wild Heaven. Their motto is “Serve Your Neighbour” and that’s they surely do. Founded by lifelong Georgians this local gem comes to traditional European brewing with its own creative approach giving it some distinct American flavor.

Beers range from light and crispy Emergency Drinking Beer 4% to steady and impressive wine ale Height of Civilization 12%. In the middle: Ode To Mercy (brown ale, imperial style), Dionysus Cuvee (wild ale, barrel-aged), White Blackbird (saison, Belgian style), Wise Blood (their long-awaited first IPA) and some more tempting names.

The brewery’s tasting room is open for everyone aged 21+ Thursday through Saturday, all ages are welcome on Sunday. You can choose from two tour types with a couple of options within them. The first type is “drink here” classics with six 4-ounce year-round samples plus a 12oz pour from the tap, same amount but in regular beer size (3 x 12oz pours) or four middle-sized pours (9oz) plus a branded souvenir glass. There are also “to-go” tours for all kinds of beers including barrel-aged, canned, bottled beers and crowler fills. All limited to 72 ounces maximum (sorry, laws).

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