Woven Whimsy: Stickworks by Patrick Dougherty

Woven Whimsy: Stickworks by Patrick Dougherty Выставки Атланта

Contemporary art is obviously concerned with involving the spectators into its processes including the process of creation. A creative method of Patrick Dougherty is one of the kind. Volunteers leave thankful messages after assisting him in erecting just another stickwork — a sculpture or installation of sticks, twigs, branches and saplings. Such method makes an art piece of the very process. Just like those sticks that finally make a piece of art, people involved get tied together through this work.

North Carolina resident Patrick Dougherty used to be a hospital administrator while studying sculpture and art history. His stickworks resemble shelters of primitive people which kids adore imitating. They awaken the mixed, mostly nostalgic feelings concerning “old times”, childhood, and being close to nature in the happiest moments of one’s life.

Dougherty’s installations are usually site-specific considering both natural and historical environment and borrowing from the so-called “garden follies”. Before the official opening of the exhibition, Patrick Dougherty can be watched at work creating just another whimsical and kind art shelter.

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