WOW Tour at Noah’s Arc

WOW Tour at Noah's Arc Экскурсии Атланта

The tour is professionally guided, and it’s your chance to get up close with BLT — Baloo the bear, Leo the lion, and Shere Khan the tiger, who started out here as bottle-fed cubs. WOW stands for Walk On the Wild side, and you get behind the scenes learning about each of the animals — Leo the African lion has no mane because he was neutered while young, and Baloo is a huge cinnamon-faced black bear.

No contact with animals is allowed, but you get to be very close to them, and if you’re a wildlife photographer, your lens might love this.

The grounds are maintained, the animals look beautifully taken care of, there’s a picnic area, a playground for kids, donations are accepted as well as food for the animals, so come and spend 1.5 most fabulous hours with them!

Tours can be scheduled for 10 am, 12 pm, and 2 pm.

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